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Apple Pie The Apple Pie conjures warmth, aroma, taste and togetherness. The Apple Pie gourmet popcorn brings home the classic tradition of one of the most popular pies in the country. Each kernel is packed with apple and cinnamon goodness.
Banana Pudding Just like grandma’s old fashioned classic southern style Banana Pudding recipe... Banana pudding popcorn with vanilla wafer crumbles. Simplicity at its finest!
Birthday Cake The ultimate cake flavored popcorn. Yellow cake popcorn covered with fruity rainbow sprinkles and topped off with vanilla waffle cone crumbles. A one of a kind flavor for any occasion!
Blueberry Cheesecake Rich cream cheese and blueberry glazed popcorn combined to produce an exotic and delicious compliment to one another. The Blueberry Cheesecake is garnished with sweet graham cracker crust crumbles.
Blueberry Muffin This fantastic flavor is bursting with the sweet taste of blueberries. The Blueberry Muffin popcorn is garnished with tender short bread sugar crust crumbles. This really is an unforgettable flavor!
Butterfinger® If you like Butterfinger candy bars this is the gourmet creation for you! This flavor packs a delicious, smooth and crunch with every bite. Biting into the Butterfinger popcorn will be like eating little bite sized Butterfinger bars.
Cap'n Crunch® The name says it all! This popcorn tastes just like the famous Cap-n-Crunch with berries cereal. Reclaim your crunch time... so good!
Caramel Cashews Totally for the nut freak! Popcorn is caramelized with home-made creamy caramel and garnished with fresh cashew nuts.
Caramel Peanuts Totally for the nut freak! Popcorn and Pecans are coated in a home-made sweet caramel glaze. This is a sweet, crunchy and nutty treat!
Caramel Pecans Totally for the nut freak! Caramelized peanuts and popcorn are coated with home-made caramel to produce a deliciously crispy, crunchy, sweet and salty snack!
Caramel Sea Salt Holy Moly! This is one of Pink Popcorns favorite and most popular creations. Popcorn is dipped in creamy, buttery homemade caramel and dashed with Sea Salt. This flavor has just the right balance of sweetness and salt. Must try treat!
Caramel Sea Salt & Coconut By far... as good as it gets! An exotic complement to our most popular Caramel Sea Salt popcorn. Popcorn is dipped in creamy, buttery homemade caramel and dashed with Sea Salt. Fresh, flaky coconut tops off this already awesome creation.
Chicago (Cheddar Cheese & Caramel) #1 seller – A popular cheese that originated in the village of Cheddar, England. This rich cheddar cheese is combined with our delectable sweet homemade caramel popcorn. A unique and perfect combination!
Chocolate Caramel Pecan Decadent chocolate and caramel popcorn drizzled with milk chocolate and layered with pecan crust.
Cinnamon Roll My God! By far... amazing tasting popcorn! Popcorn is basted with cream cheese, butter, sugar and cinnamon. This popcorn has a robust and sweet flavor.
Coconut Almond Supreme Coconut lover...Chocolate lover...this is for you! The coconut kettle popcorn is drizzled with sweet milk chocolate and garnished with flakes of coconut and sliced almonds. This awesome flavor is a coconut and chocolate lovers dream!
Coconut Creme Pie A whole lot of pie on a kernel of popcorn. A creamy coconut popcorn creation with fresh shredded coconut sprinkled with graham cracker crust. This flavor boasts an all American favorite!
Cookies & Cream Need we say more! Sweet and creamy vanilla based popcorn smothered in white chocolate and layered with tiny chunks of rich dark chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Satisfy your sweet tooth with the exotic fruity taste of Pomegranate drizzled with velvety dark chocolate. The Dark Chocolate Pomegranate is the ultimate fruit and chocolate pairing. Experience the rich tastiness of these two awesome flavors! Ridiculously superb!
Denver (White Cheddar & Caramel) #1 seller – Velvety and smooth Aged White Cheddar Cheese kernels mixed with Pink Popcorns homemade browned caramel popcorn. Truly a sweet & savory delight!
Funky Chunky One of Pink Popcorns favorite creations. Caramelized and salted popcorn drizzled with rich milk chocolate and garnished with scrumptious pecans.
Georgia (Peach Pecan Pie) One tiny bite of our nostalgic & signature Peach Pecan Pie and you’ll be hooked! This creation is packed with Georgia peach flavor and garnished with pecan crumbs and graham cracker crust. The “Georgia Peach” Pecan Pie is a southern-style pie with a SWEET STATE OF MIND!
Heath Toffee Almond A yummy combination of buttery crunch toffee and rich milk chocolate sprinkled with chopped fresh almonds.
Key Lime Pie For more than 100 years southerners have been enjoying the sweet-and-tart Key Lime Pie. This dessert can now be enjoyed as a delectable bite sized treat. Vanilla, cheesecake and key lime popcorn adorned with graham cracker crumbles and sprinkled with sweet cinnamon. Truly refreshing!
Kit Kat® “Have a break, have a Kit Kat!” Kit Kat confection was created by Ronwtree’s of York, England in 1988. Of course this chocolaty and crunchy goodness had to be integrated into Pink Popcorn! Popcorn is commixed with the chocolate covered wafer biscuit making for a splendid mishmash combination.
Milk Chocolate Pretzel Crunchy bits of lightly salted pretzels mixed with vanilla based popcorn and coated in velvety milk chocolate.
Mint Oreo® Looking for a rich and decadent treat with a refreshing mint twist? Well look no further. This treat is truly giving you the best of both worlds! Mint and chocolaty in one single bite. Delish!
Orange Dreamsicle If you love the taste of orange cream popsicles you’ll love this popcorn. This gourmet creation will have you dreaming for more. Creamy and orange flavored popcorn kernels makes for a yummy summer treat!
Oreo® The world’s favorite cookie...delicious and full of wonder for over 100 years! This two chocolate wafer cookie is mingled with vanilla and sweet cream based popcorn creating the perfect enjoyment.
Oreo® Cheesecake Who can turn down a cheesecake with Oreo cookies? Well, we definitely could not! So then was born into one of our favorite creations the Oreo Cheesecake. The popcorn is covered with our popular cheesecake base with crushed Oreo cookies galore!
Raspberry Cheesecake The bright tasting gourmet popcorn dessert with a cheesecake based kernel drowned in a raspberry puree. This dessert popcorn is a family favorite and you’ll love it too!
Red Velvet Cake Looking for superb dessert popcorn that will not overpower your taste buds with overstated sweetness...the Red Velvet Cake is a good choice for starters. This mouthwatering creation is caramelized with a vanilla based kernel and topped off with lush cream cheese. Nourish your palate with the light chocolaty buttermilk red velvet taste of this gourmet popcorn.
Rice Crispy Treat If you remember the simple moments of fun at your kitchen table making Rice Krispies squares, don’t miss out on Pink Popcorn’s delicious Rice Crispy Treat confection made with homemade butter, melted marshmallows, marshmallows crème and Rice Krispies Cereal intermixed with mushroom popcorn. This is a total dainty delight! Amazing!
Rocky Road This is a glorious treat! The Rocky Road is a smooth milk chocolate drizzled popcorn creation packed with crunchy almonds and marshmallows. This marshmallow-chocolate-nut combo is rich and truly divine! Amazing!
Snickers® Too old for trick or treating but still wanting to satisfy your sweet tooth??? Well look no further! Snickers candy bars are fused with popcorn intermixing thick caramel, peanuts and milk chocolate.
Strawberry Cheesecake Rich creamy cheesecake heaven! This gourmet flavor gives a whole new meaning to Strawberry Cheesecake. Popcorn is caramelized in cream cheese and a strawberry puree. Premium white chocolate is lightly spread on the kernels and whole wheat graham flour, which makes up our Graham Cracker pie crust, is then peppered onto each kernel. This gourmet popcorn is authentically fantastic!
Twix® An old-time candy for sure. The Twix Candy bar originated in the United Kingdom in 1967. This favored chocolate bar legacy will for sure live on for many years to come. Pink Popcorns creation consists of the biscuit bar, popcorn, caramel and milk chocolate as the confectionary toppings. All confections are blended together to make this caramel and chocolaty gourmet popcorn treat.
White Chocolate Blueberry This is what we call... Simple but divine! Blueberries are caramelized on popcorn and smothered in white chocolate.
White Chocolate Pretzel Lightly salted pretzel tossed in melted white chocolate. A sweet and crunchy treat that is beloved by many... and rightfully so!
White Chocolate Strawberry Here we go again...another simple but divine gourmet creation! Strawberries are caramelized on popcorn and smothered in white chocolate.
Zebra® with Dark Chocolate If you are an all-time chocolate lover and desire two complete different types of chocolate... this is it! This gourmet treat combines the best in white chocolate and dark chocolate. Popcorn is drowned in white chocolate and drizzled with dark chocolate. Spoil yourself with chocolate love!


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