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Bacon & Cheddar Bacon Cheddar is all the rage for bacon lovers! This popcorn combines our most popular cheddar cheese popcorn infused with tasty bacon. If you want a twist to the cheddar cheese definitely try this incredible flavor!
Barbecue Longing for a barbeque but don’t want to fire up the grill, try our classic BBQ popcorn. This popcorn is nothing fancy just traditional BBQ flavor at its best!
Bleu Cheese Creamy buttermilk and bleu cheese makes this the supreme gourmet snack for cheese-heads!
Cajun A jazzy blend of spices combined on the popcorn for the ultimate savory southern snack. Bring the tradition of Louisiana to your home!
Cheddar Cheese Pink Popcorns all-star flavor! This simple but popular popcorn is mixed and smothered with creamy, velvety sharp cheddar cheese. If you desire the ultimate popcorn with cheese this is the pick!
Cinnamon Toast Crunch® This popcorn flavor is on the lighter side of our extensive creation. The popcorn is light, crispy and delish! Cinnamon Toast Crunch is lightly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar for the perfect dainty popcorn treat!
Creamy Cucumber Dill This popcorn is totally impressive! If you are a Dill Pickle lover, but are in the mood for a more exotic Dill Pickle flavor... look no further! This savory gourmet popcorn is combined with the sour crisp delicious taste of pickled dill merged with the refreshing mild creamy tastes of cucumbers. This is a fantastic fusion of two mouth-watering flavors!
Dill Pickle Whether you eat them straight out the jar or wedged in a sandwich, there is nothing like a dill pickle. For the dill pickle freaks, you’ll absolutely fall in awe of this flavor! Popcorn is mixed with the slightly salty, zesty and tangy flavor of dill, with a touch of garlic and pepper. It’s so good you won’t just eat a handful!
French Onion This popcorn is made with crispy fried onions for an incredible taste. French Onion is a creamy, decadent and savory delight!
Crab Legs Crab-O-Licious! This creation is for all the seafood lovers! The popcorn is smothered in our homemade crab dip with an exotic hint of garlic, cream cheese, and other marvelous herbs. The Crab Legs is an extraordinary choice of popcorn. We are extremely proud of this one-of- a- kind popcorn creation...You will actually taste the succulent and delicate flavor of this most favored seafood. You have to taste it to believe it...truly fantastic!
Hot Cheddar If you like things hot, this is the popcorn for you! Our famous and delicious Cheddar Cheese popcorn whipped in our fire hot sauce. This is a “hot” one!
Hot White Cheddar Another “hot” flavored popcorn under our belt. Fire hot sauce is combined with the aged white cheddar popcorn to make a hot sensational gourmet cheese flavor.
Hot Wings This mouth-watering popcorn is a class- favorite for sure! Packed with flavor...the Hot Wings popcorn is smothered with our very own homemade hot wing creation. This flavor has a kick and is absolutely hard to resist!
Hot Wings & Bleu Cheese With the sizzle of our hot wing sauce this gourmet popcorn is drool-inducing for sure! Laced with bleu cheese to provide a fantastic all- star popcorn flavor with an edge!
Hot Wings & Ranch The only drawback to this awesome flavor is that there’s never any left! This is the ultimate hot wing flavor combined with creamy ranch for the most satisfactory and flavorsome gourmet popcorn. If you are yearning for a twist in the Hot Wing popcorn, do not miss out on this savory gourmet creation. Ridiculously delish!
Jalapeno Nacho Spread a little Tex-Mex magic and try this cheesy popcorn with a twist. Nacho Cheese popcorn is integrated with the flavor of pickled jalapenos. This popcorn is incredibly tasty with a poppin pinch of zestiness and spiciness. This flavor is downright loco!
Kettle Corn This beloved sweet and salty snack is on the light and simple side of our gourmet selections. Experience a bowl of old-fashioned kettle corn which is mixed with light refined sugar, salt and a dash of coconut oil. Your family will never want plain popcorn again!
King Creole As long as New Orleans stands as a city of culinary treasures, Pink Popcorn will always give homage to this Louisiana born blending of herbs and spices. This unique popcorn is commixed with an assortment of gourmet and exotic spices. For sure the King Creole is a flavor bomb of Cajun-spiced popcorn!
Maple Garlic The Maple Garlic popcorn is sweet, savory and tangy! This blend is absolutely delicious on popcorn. This creation is mixed with maple syrup, garlic, pepper, brown sugar and other savory herbs. If you are looking for an interesting flavor to remember, the Maple Garlic is a fabulous choice!
Parmesan Garlic This gourmet popcorn by far is finger- licking good! Think outside the box and try the Parmesan Garlic if you are looking for a garlicky boost of flavor. Parmesan Cheese is combined with garlic to provide a creamy, rich and cheesy delight!
Ranch A spectacular integration of ingredients makes up this tasty popcorn flavor. The ranch flavor has always been a favorite in the U.S, and what better way to taste the zesty and buttermilk flavor than on a kernel of popcorn. We flavor it, you savor it!
Salt & Vinegar This is totally “Flavor-God!” Discover gourmet popcorn loaded with a huge boost of flavor. This popcorn is mixed with Sea Salt and vinegar bringing to the table 2 tantalizing ingredients when combined! The Salt and Vinegar will satisfy your taste buds for sure!
Smokey Bacon Tomato Bring this home and watch it disappear! Everything tastes better with bacon and popcorn is no exception. This gourmet creation is definitely a winner for the tastiest party pleaser. The flavor of the popcorn has a subtle smoky bacon overlay with the sweetness of rich red tomatoes on every kernel. We are always thrilled to make this gourmet flavor because it’s just so darn good...You won’t believe it, until you taste it!
Smokin' Chipotle If you are a fan of Mexican and Southwestern dishes, the Smokin Chipotle is the perfect flavor choice for you! A chipotle pepper is a jalapeno that has been roasted, smoked and dried. This unique combination of smoky flavor with peppery heat makes this ideal as a gourmet popcorn. The Mexican-inspired Smokin Chipotle has just the right amount of spice to provide an out-of- this-world Tex-Mex taste!
Sour Cream & Onion Longing for a fresh flavor adventure... Try the flavor burst of our classic Sour Cream and Onion gourmet popcorn. This popcorn combines the best in premium ingredients and caramelized herbs which make this a special and good-tasting choice.
Special Butter Not your ordinary plain butter popcorn. The Special Butter is our “movie theatre popcorn” made with our very own handcrafted butter. Feel like snacking on a classic and time-honored treat with pizazz try the Special Butter!
Spicy Taco If you’re craving some “south of the border” flavor, look no further than the Spicy Taco! This Mexican inspired popcorn will give your taste buds a fiesta of the most-delicious and mouthwatering blend of spices.
Wasabi Soy & Ranch This is Pink Popcorn’s most exotic flavor to date. Wasabi is a plant of the Brassicaceae family, which includes cabbages, horseradish, and mustard. Wasabi is commonly known as a Japanese horseradish and is frequently used as a condiment in the U.S. We’ve paired this fiery sauce with creamy Ranch to produce a full-flavored, aromatic and distinctive gourmet chef-d’oeuvre, which is in a class of its own. The Wasabi Soy Ranch is truly unique and outstanding!
White Cheddar Cheese Pop! Pop! Pop! Pink Popcorn’s White Cheddar is simply an amazing tasting flavor. Popcorn is drenched with cultured white cheddar cheese with a pinch of orange salt. The White Cheddar Cheese is a home-made gourmet creation that will make your whole family happy!


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